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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wet Plate

It is hard to believe tomorrow is October. So much has been going on. This goes back to early August.

Gayle Stevens came to Serenbe for a residency in early August. Gayle is into wet plate collodion photography. I had been wanting to try this. It seemed that it may be the only hope I would have of making a photo with my grandfather's old Hawkeye. I had not yet figured about getting 120 film to fit it. I was told that a piece of tin could be cut to fit the camera and I could use it for wet plate!

So wet plate it was...

In the first photo -- that is the plate I shot with Granddaddy's camera. In the lower photo mine is the long photo and the smaller one belongs to Anne Berry. Anne was shooting with a Land camera. 

Below is a digital shot of our subject -- a rather fancy chicken coop.

While Gayle was in Serenbe she shot several portraits.  Below is mine in the works. 

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