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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Whenever I am in a hurry or running behind it always seems that is the time I am stuck waiting on a train. But is it fine when I have my camera and my wide angle lens. This photo was taken early last Saturday morning on my way to Serenbe Photography Center

Taken at the intersection of Highway 29 and Weldon Rd, near Palmetto, Georgia. As usual, I shot it in color and converted to black and white with Silver Efex.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


My drive lately is taking me past some beautiful wisteria.  In the photo above you can see some muscadine vines intertwined with the wisteria.

The sky really was that blue yesterday -- no filter on the camera or tweak of saturation on the computer. I like the way the vines wrap around the tree and the purple blooms mix with the fresh, new spring leaves against that cloudless sky.

This is my drive into Serenbe to the photography center. It is a pretty darn nice drive. This Sunday I am leading a nature walk, Saturday speaking on the panel at Nature Undisturbed at Dogwood Gallery, and Friday night attending the collector event at the Serenbe Photography Center.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nature Undisturbed 2012

Last night was the opening reception for Nature Undisturbed 2012. What a great turn out for a show that just gets better every year. I have to say that without the many photographers submitting amazing work -- we would not have such a great show.  Thank you to all who submit!

Let me just begin by saying Brett Abbott is a wonderful person. He is so easy to talk with and explains his thinking process so well. After spending most of the day with him last Wednesday I felt that I had experienced a workshop like no other. Brett is the curator of photography at the High Museum of Atlanta. He has been here for almost a year now and appeared on our panel last year. He and his wife are delightful and Atlanta should be happy to have them!

Jennifer and Greg Blair, the owners and operators of Dogwood Gallery are also wonderful and very easy to work with. I said last night that we have made it 4 years and grown so well because we work well together. We keep Nature Undisturbed simple and it works. 

One question I am asked often about the show is "where are my photos in the exhibit." I don't enter the show -- I direct the show.  When entries come in, they come to me and I feel it is a conflict of interest if I were to see all entries and submit something myself. The jurying process is by our juror so I have no input in the selection of photos.  But since I see them all, I choose to not enter. 

Over the past few years I have entered and been in quite a few juried photography and art exhibits. Not to sound pretentious, but it is getting to the point of 'been there done that.' I have some favorite shows that I love -- mostly local -- that I will always enter out of support.  I like the show, like the people who put them on. What I find my greatest thrill now with is to see those people I encourage to enter a show succeed. 

One of my taglines has been "I help people take better photos." I mean that -- that is what I like to do. Currently I lead two local photography groups. It is the best for me to see people I know selected for Nature Undisturbed.  And when I sat there last Wednesday watching Brett Abbott walk around making his choices for the ribbons -- I was so pleased to know most of the recipients. It was hard to keep the secret for a few days from one friend of mine. She has been in my group for a while, took a class from me once, and I encouraged her to enter this year. She was thrilled to be selected to have work in the show. She also was selected to receive third place in the open category. I sat through photo club with her yesterday morning keeping the secret and waiting last night for her to walk in the door. I can tell you that was the first time I ever remember seeing Marilyn Rogers speechless -- for just a few minutes. Here is her photo, "Mellow Mushroom."

So the opening reception is past, but there is another weekend of great photography events coming up. Next Friday night at the Serenbe Photography Center we have Susan Todd-Raque speaking on collecting photography. This is a great opportunity to learn a little and become informed on art photography. A few days ago I wrote a blog about my collecting experience. On Saturday March 24, Susan will moderate a panel discussion on collecting at Dogwood Gallery at 2pm. The panel members are Anderson Scott, Peter Essick, and myself. On Sunday, March 25, I will lead a Nature Walk in Serenbe -- time to shoot a little spring and think about entries for next Nature Undisturbed -- come join us.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Collecting Photographs

Over the years I have collected things...shells, recipes, bird nests, feathers, seeds, fabric, fountain pens, books, and many other things.

I have my grandmothers' sewing boxes and jewelry boxes filled with buttons, notions, earrings, and funky bead necklaces. 

You could say I have a camera collection -- the latest being Muffy -- a 70s Canon AE-1.

The first piece of art I purchased was a pen and ink drawing of a cougar -- I was probably 10 and it was during my hometown art festival. A favorite piece is a large Johnny Johnson that I gave to my husband for our anniversary one year. 

I am also photography collector.  Most of what I have are small prints and I don't know that I intend to frame any of it.  I like to keep the prints in a portfolio book -- easily looked at and safe. My purchases are from a variety of sources -- including last year's highly publicized Life Support Japan.  I love Jen Bekman's 20x200. Not to even mention the collection of old photos I have that belonged to my grandfather. And now I am forming a Collectors' Guild at the Serenbe Photography Center

We had the first collector event at SPC last month.  John Bennette came to Atlanta for a few days and spent one of those with us.  He held the attention of a room full of people telling tales of his first purchases and favorite photos. The group is fun and nothing could be better than a photo center not only promoting photography with workshops and a member group -- but also a collector group! For the next collector event March 23 -- Susan Todd-Raque is the speaker. 

One of my favorite photos is of a very modern house in Virginia -- out in the country but not too far from Washington DC.  I spotted the photo on a blog for an architectural photography group.  The small group of chickens in the yard of the home really made the photo.  I love it.

The latest edition to my collection came to me via Facebook.  Last week I saw a photo from a friend -- he took it with his iphone.  I asked for a print and he emailed me the file.  I love this photo -- the geometrics of it -- the reflection.  John Bennette commented to me that it was a bit surreal with the late winter snow on such green grass.  Thanks for the photo Leroy!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

SPC Member Juried Show

Oh no -- another juried show!  This is for the members of our new member group formed at the Serenbe Photography Center. There is no fee to enter -- but you have to be a member to enter the competition.

Serenbe Photography Center Member Juried Photography Show and Sale

Open category – your best shots!   No entry fee!

Submit up to 4 photos
Any photo – color, monochromatic, manipulated
Save images as low res files – 72dpi; longest side no greater than 1200 pixels
Name files as:  lastname_firstname_title

Burn to CD; drop off CD or mail to Serenbe Photography Center, 9110 Selborne Lane, Suite 220, Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268

Include with the CD a document listing titles, your name, email, phone number, and prices for sale
Label your CD with your name and phone number

You must be a member to enter.  It is easy to become a member – you may sign up online at our website.

Deadline to enter is April 7 – your CD must arrive at SPC by this date.  You will be notified by April 30 on the selections for the show.  The show will hang at Cochran Gallery in LaGrange during the month of June.  Opening reception is June 3 at 2pm.

Our juror is John Lawrence, Callaway Professor of Art and Design, is the Chairman of the Art and Design Department and Director of the Lamar Dodd Art Center of LaGrange College.

Please send any questions to

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