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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25 Days of Christmas 2010

Last year I wrote a blog about social networking, Flickr, and meeting photographers online.  Oh yeah, and I wrote about the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge.  Participating in that Flickr group was a fun experience.  It made me think a little more about photography on a daily basis.  It was also fun to meet some new photographers from different places.

One of my favorite photos from last time is this one on the blog today.  It was in a store window in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  When I went home for a visit, I walked around downtown a little to shoot some night shots of the old town area.

Today is November 30 -- tomorrow is December 1 and the chance to begin the 25 days for 2010.  I am shooting a photo a day anyway working on finishing up my 365 project -- so this is a snap for me this time.  That means -- yes I am doing it and I challenge all readers to take a photo a day between now and Christmas.  Doing this last year led me to the 365.  Doing a photo a day for a year has been a very rewarding experience -- I highly recommend it.  

So who is in?  Let me know, I would love to see your photos!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nature Undisturbed 2011

It is hard to believe that 2010 is coming to a close.  A year ago, when I decided to take on the 365 project for 2010 it seemed so distant.  Time flies when you are having fun.

Time has flown again and now we are in the middle of the call period for Nature Undisturbed 2011.  This show has been so successful, we are all anticipating more growth and spectacular photography at the event next April. In order to bring such an event about -- we start planning months in advance.  We always look at what we can do better to improve.  

This year we are adding another beneficiary to the show.  In addition to Southern Conservation Trust -- Flint Riverkeepers will benefit from sales.  Please take a moment to check out their websites and learn a little bit about what these wonderful groups do for us.  By adding the Flint Riverkeepers -- that means the Flint River is added to the site specific category.  If you have photos taken at any of the Trust properties or showcasing the Flint -- those are for this specific category of photos.  If you have wonderful nature photos taken at another location -- those photos go to the open category.  
Line Creek October 2010
In the past few weeks I have spent some time at Sams Lake and Line Creek.  I have also heard from some local photographers that they have been to these areas working on entries for the show.  It was nice to hear from one photographer that he had never been to either place before and found them both to be wonderful and great places to take some interesting photos.  When I first thought of the photo show, I hoped it would bring more people to these places that are right here and easily accessible.  Now I am hoping more people will take the time to visit the Flint and learn about one of the South's most precious natural resources.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sun Dogs

A sun dog or parhelion is an atmospheric condition that gives the appearance of bright, rainbow spots of light in the sky.  Sometimes these occurrences look like an arc of light or even surround the Sun.

I was watching the sky yesterday while out running errands.  The color of blue and wispy white clouds were pretty to watch.  The winds kept the clouds moving and changing.  While they moved and blew across the sky the sunlight would shine through them creating the rainbow effects.  Standing in a parking lot I took my photo of the day yesterday showing a jet high in the sky creating a contrail to mix with the clouds.  It was when I took this photo that I noticed the sun dog forming.  I sat, watched and took more photos.

I watched as the clouds moved and the light changed.  I took photos in this parking lot and then moved on to my next errand.  As I was at a gas station filling the car I looked up and saw the arc of light -- so another photo was taken.

Certainly most people looking at me must have wondered what I saw in the sky that was so interesting.  I hope a few of them looked up.  It was a nice day to sky watch.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Politics Aside....

This morning I had to get to the Georgia Capitol for a photo op appointment with Governor Perdue.  I am not going to get into politics -- but I will say he seems like a very nice man.  I just wish I did not take such a goofy photo. 

Months ago I was asked by a local arts group if I had any photos that showed "Georgia" that I would like to submit for consideration to hang in the Office of the Governor.  So I had a few -- and I took them in and frankly forgot about it after a couple weeks.
When I took more work to this location I did remember and assumed that none of my photos had been selected.  I asked about retrieving the work and was told two of my photos were selected.  I made contact with the office to see if I could come by to take a photo of my work hanging in the office.  What was offered to me was a photo with the governor.  

The photo to the right shows my photos on the wall in the office. These photos were in SlowExposures 2009.  The top photo is of the Strickland Building in Concord, Georgia. This photo was taken in September, 2008.  The building was since renovated and is nice -- but does not look like this photo any longer.  The photo on the bottom was taken at the Hollonville Cemetery on Hollonville Road near the Gregg Peach Orchard.  I pass this cemetery when I drive to Zebulon.  I see this false crypt and wonder about the child who died.  There is an adult sized crypt next to this one.

It is an honor to have work hang in the Capitol Building, especially when in the same room are two Steve Penley paintings.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Lost It At The CLub -- post mortem

Eight weeks ago I signed on to a weight loss/get in shape class at a local gym.  It was a busy time for me -- but I did it anyway.  The weigh in and start of the class was the same as the start of Slow Exposures and John Bennette's show at the barn (more on this coming VERY soon I promise).

The trainer -- MC -- was great -- she reminded us on week 2 or 3 (I forget it was such a blur) that she was not there to make friends but to get us in shape!  Yikes -- but she was good at what she does.  She did work muscles on my body that seemed to have not been used in a while.  There where days I was sore -- and I was sore for days after working out with her.

In the end I learned to LOVE my elliptical again, lost 8 pounds, and figured out I love salty food way more than sweets.  This has made me rethink a lot of what I have been doing and to make time to spend on the elliptical.  I bought hand weights!  Look out!  When I am loading photos onto the computer -- I am working my triceps.  Also this was an opportunity to meet a bunch of wonderful, supportive women.  I knew one other person in this group when we started.

The older I get, the more I realize that to keep my body moving for decades to come -- I need to move my body!  Thank you MC!

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