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Donna Rosser is a fine art photographer who loves to photograph the usual and every day scene. As a child growing up in rural Virginia, she explored the woods with one grandfather and worked gardens with both. Her mother worked as a museum curator so her grandparents were her daycare. Each grandfather shared with her their natural knowledge; one speaking of the animals and the trees and the other speaking of the sky and weather. Her grandmothers had typical rural southern kitchens of the 60s and this is where she also spent a lot of time. Donna is drawn to scenes that evoke childhood memories. She also has a background in mathematics and psychology. This cocktail of a southern childhood mixed with a museum-curator mother and a classic-car flipping father make for an interesting perspective in her photography. 

Donna founded Nature Undisturbed, a juried photography exhibit benefiting local conservation groups (2009-2012).  She also founded two photography groups in the southern Atlanta area.  In addition to directing Nature Undisturbed, Donna is on the show committee and Advisory Board with SlowExposures. Her work has been in numerous juried and invitational exhibits including TPS 21 & 22, Center Forward at The Center for Fine Art Photography, Family at the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography, Southern Memories curated by John A. Bennette, and SlowExposures for 7 out of the past 8 years where she was awarded second place in 2012. Donna has two photos in the International Terminal at Hartsfield Jackson Airport’s Picturing Georgia exhibit. Her photography has also been exhibited in the Denver Airport, the Crystal City Metro in the Washington, D.C. area and Chris Beetles Fine Photographs in London. Donna teaches photography in the southern Atlanta area at various locations including the National Archives, Southeast. 

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