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Monday, October 24, 2011

Nature Undisturbed 2012

Yesterday morning I walked along Line Creek in Peachtree City. Line Creek is one of the natural areas owned and/or managed by Southern Conservation Trust. It is also one of the areas included in the site specific category for Nature Undisturbed. The call for entries for the 2012 show and sale is on right now.  Deadline to enter is December 17, 2011. The show is scheduled for a March 17 opening at Dogwood Gallery and Framer in Tyrone.  

It is hard to believe this is the 4th show. It seems like only yesterday I was approached by the Trust to have a show -- and that idea morphed into Nature Undisturbed. We worked hard pulling together the show that first year. The call for entry period was short. But, we did have a great response. The past couple shows -- the interest has grown. We increase entries each time. Also, the past two years -- we have sold 20% of the work in the show.

Since the beginning we have had great jurors.  Greg Newington was our first juror. He is very nice and has a beautiful gallery in Serenbe. Our second juror was Lucinda Bunnen. How I loved having lunch with her and talking about photography. And it was great for the Nature Undisturbed crowd that we had a preview of her Hatcher's Pond talk! This past spring Susan Todd-Raque was our juror. She is such a delight, a wealth of information, and has been a friend of Nature Undisturbed since our first year. The first year of the show, she presented a talk on collecting photography. The second year she did a part two of that talk. This past spring in addition to jurying the show, she moderated a panel discussion on collecting photography. We are pleased to say that she will be back in 2012 moderating another panel discussion.

This is building to our choice for juror for 2012 -- Brett Abbott.  Last April, he was a newbie to Atlanta when we met him. It was a pleasure to have him on our panel. This time around he is jurying the event for us. Brett Abbott came to the High Museum from the J. Paul Getty Museum and has received  the Lucie Award for Curator/Exhibition of the Year twice -- 2007 and 2010.

So get out there, take some awesome nature photographs, come be a part of a wonderful event. All information needed to enter, along with previous winning photos and information on the jurors, is on the website  Remember the postmark deadline is 12.17.2011.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Takes Miami

This is one of my favorite photos of Sadie.  I have more similar to this of Sadie and some of Iris.  Iris is starting to be more at ease with me and the camera.  Sadie and Iris are both just too darn cute -- they were county shelter rescues -- if you read this blog you probably already know that.  Did you know that October is adopt a shelter dog month?  If you or someone you know is thinking about adding a dog to their household -- encourage them to look in their shelters first, then with local rescue groups.  There are so many good dogs out there in need of a home.

Something else happening now -- I have submitted to Art Takes Miami and I have no (repeat zero) online votes yet.  If you are so inclined and like my photographs, please take a minute to vote here for them Art Takes Miami/Donna Rosser


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