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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Atlanta Celebrates Photography

The time of year when Atlanta is filled with photography events is going on right now.  There are excellent exhibitions and talks happening throughout the next 6 weeks or so.  Check out the ACP website to see the online guide.  When you are out -- pick up a copy.  This lists all the events by date.  My work is part of 6 events this year.  I feel as if I have scattered photos all over the city.  So far it has been fun and I cannot wait for other events.

I have one photo in the SlowExposures exhibit and one at the show at the Whiskey Bonding Barn.  The listing for this event is here -- and there is one weekend left to see these wonderful shows.  Along with 5 other photographers, I have a variety of work at The Art House Gallery in Buckhead.  The reception for this event is October 7.  Another event and reception on October 7 is at Arts Clayton Gallery.  My son and I have work in this show.  The Women in Focus show at Mason Murer Fine Art is titled "Illumination."  There are four of my photos there.  And for the last event -- juried by Fay Gold -- the Roswell Photographic Society's open competition listing is here.  The reception for this one is also Friday October 7.

If you see me out and about at a photo event -- say hi.  Or, if you see any of my photos, please email me to let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


view from a parking garage
Yesterday I had some errands to run in Atlanta.  The busy season of 'Atlanta Celebrates Photography' is about to begin.  I was dropping off some work and picking up a couple photos from the In Your Dreams show at the APG Gallery.
I like getting above something to get a different view.  Standing above the bottom of the escalator the patterns and people make an interesting composition.
looking through the courtyard
From the same spot as the escalator photo -- but instead of looking down -- this is looking across.  Through the windows at the entrance of Crawford Long Hospital you see the trees inside the courtyard and trees outside.  I like the pattern on the large window and the buildings in the distance.
air vac at the bottom of the stairs
Sitting at a stop light, this was on the side of the street.  I love this photo.  

Another scene from the car.  The colorful paper boxes all begging you to take one for free.

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