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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Avocado Seed

Getting back to some things I really like; a simple object, available light and nothing else.  A few days ago I was cutting up an avocado and looked at the seed.  Avocado seeds are beautiful.  They have a rich color, great shape, and interesting skin.  I set it aside for photos.

After dinner I washed the seed again and rubbed a tiny bit of olive oil on it to keep the skin as it was when I first saw it.  It does dry out quickly.  The seed sat on the kitchen counter and I shot it.  So far this is my favorite shot of it.  I have it in black and white as well (below).  I cannot decide which I like better.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Peach Trees in Bloom

A couple years ago I happened upon this peach orchard in bloom by accident.  I was just checking to see if it was close -- and it was blooming that day.  Well, here it is about two years later to the day -- and I was back in the orchard again.

I love this place -- the vastness of the orchard is there.  I have seen larger plantings -- but this does the trick.  I also love how the peach trees have a life-size bonzai look.  As I was wandering around the backside of the trees, I could hear chainsaws at the other end of the field -- trimming dead limbs?

Last night my throat was scratchy and I felt a little like I had a cold coming on -- then I remembered all the time outside and the pollen!  Please be careful (or just don't do it) changing lenses outside during this time of year.  Pollen will get inside your camera and stick to the sensor!

I like the light in this last one.  Shooting into the sun is not a usually good thing -- but it really highlighted the blossoms and gave an interesting color to the shot.  The sky was very blah and it was super bright -- so, not a lot of sky in the photos -- nothing there to make it worth taking up space in the frame.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life Support Japan

Since the horrible news of the earthquake and tsunami last week the world has watched as Japan is dealing with a huge set of issues.  Video as well as still images bring the tragedy to our homes.  When I see the photos of the aftermath I am jealous of not taking the photos -- but also wonder if I would want to be there given the chance.  There are some powerful images coming out of Japan on a regular basis.

Other powerful images are found here at Life Support Japan.  This is an ongoing online auction/sale to benefit aid for Japan.  Details are found on the site.  Also found are amazing photos -- editions of 10 for $50 each.  I have bought some.  My favorites that will be coming to my home are below.  These are sold out -- but there are many others available and the site is updated frequently.

Sheri Lynn Behr  white cat 001b
David Burdeny Mudflat Ariake Sea
Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta is having a silent auction on Saturday.  There are more awesome photos available there.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sadie in the Window

"Sadie in the Window" was in the photography exhibit at the Southeastern Flower Show recently.  This photo is also a recent sale for me.  It is nice to think that Sadie has gone home with someone else to brighten their day.  She came home to live with us in May, 2009.

This little dog has gotten me into a lot of shows.  She is very photogenic and; well, cute.  She spends most of her time here, lounging on the sofa.  One of the most seen photos of Sadie is of her lounging on the featherbed.  This photo has been in magazines, newspapers, and photo shows.

We liked having Sadie around so much -- we brought Iris home to be her buddy.  I walk Sadie and Iris a few times a day -- every day -- unless the weather is awful.  

I am pleased that someone saw this photo and felt a connection to it enough to want to take it home.  If you have a dog -- you know this look.  It is called "Dad's home."  If I say that -- she runs to the window to watch him park and get out of the car.  Then she runs to the back door to wait for him to come in.

Sadie is a jewel of a dog and was a wonderful find at a local shelter.  Iris was a shelter find too.  I always urge anyone thinking about a dog to please check with local county animal shelters -- there are many great dogs there in need of a home.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunset on Melear's

We have always been Speedi Pig people.  In 1998 we moved to Fayette County from California and found Speedi Pig for barbecue -- loved it and never tried the joint on the other side of Highway 85.  A few weeks ago Melear's Barbecue closed.  I had not paid any attention until the 'snow day' and saw the Closed sign at the door.  So I thought perhaps they had closed because it was snowy that morning.  Then, the next day it was still closed.  The pig statue that stood by the road was missing.  

So I thought I would come take a few photos of the building.  That evening after dinner I drove over to shoot.  Good thing since a day or so after this photo was taken the "Melear's" portion of the sign was taken down -- and a few days after that the whole sign was missing.  The closed sign was also gone.

Never a fan since I never ate there -- but I always thought the building was unique.  I like this photo showing the oil/grease spots in the parking spaces.  It makes them look well used.  Since it was so late in the day there is the reflection of the sky just past sunset in the windows.  This gave me the title of this photo, "Sunset on Melear's."

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