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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fredericksburg Trip: Belmont

I arrived at Belmont, home of artist Gari Melchers and now part of the University of Mary Washington, very early on a December morning.

Morning mist and the steeple from Falmouth Church seen from the view looking down toward Ingleside Drive from the house.

Sunlight hits a window a few minutes after I arrived. Standing in this spot, I heard the Rappahannock down below me. Since it was winter, I could see it through bare trees.

There were a few Christmas decorations on the house -- for the season. This wreath and pine garland on the front steps made me wonder what was inside. I did not go in -- too early and not open, nor did I peep in the windows.

Down the front lawn, a pretty steep hill, a track cut into the grasses ends just around a short bend. 

Belmont, or as others call it, The Gari Melchers Home, is a national historic landmark in Falmouth, Virginia. The home sits on a hill above the Rappahannock River facing toward the Falmouth Bridge to Fredericksburg. Julius Garibaldi Melchers studied and taught in Europe and had a studio in New York City. He spent his final days at Belmont in Stafford County.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Peachtree City Library Photo Event

So anyone reading this blog knows of my frustrations with a certain county's public arts committee. I've heard many people complain about a situation and want someone else to do something about it. 

That is not me. I feel like if you are going to complain about a problem, it is constructive to offer a solution. My solution to this problem is to do something to begin to involve the community, invite others to come to the community, and have some fun with art. 

Photography is my primary medium -- so let's start there.

Partnering with the Peachtree City Library, our grass roots group planned its first event. A photo pin up (actually painter's tape up) exhibit for all! Details are above. This is for anyone -- you know we all take photographs. Let's pick one to show to anyone and everyone walking into the library.

If you would like to learn more about our group, we have a Facebook page -- Fayette County Art Collective. Come join us, participate when you can. More exciting events are in the works!

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