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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Dogwood Gallery & Framer

The Dogwood Gallery has been open in Tyrone for about 8 months.  If you are familiar with the area, the gallery is just behind The Legacy Theater on Senoia Road.  I knew of the gallery – but had not made a point to stop in or make contact.  Recently I did make time and I am glad that I did.


When I looked at the Dogwood Gallery & Framer website, I saw quite a few familiar names in the list of artists.  I contacted Greg Blair to see if he would be interested in my work.  I noticed that he had a show coming up, "Viewpoint: Variations on Landscapes."  The show is scheduled for May 17 through June 14 and includes work from Georgette Liberatore, Martin Pate, David Boyd Jr., and many more.  The "many more" part includes me! 


After I contacted Greg, he wanted to see a print of something from my website and look over my portfolio.  I loved the gallery as soon as I walked in.  The floor cloths at the entrances are very pretty -- but the whole place is very much what a gallery should be.  The walls are stark white -- no competition with any of the artwork.  The upper area of wall and ceilings are flat black.  The floor is just a plain wood floor.  There is nothing overly interesting about the space, except for the art that is there.  What little bit of furnishings there are plain, mission style.  Nothing steals the show from the art.  It is perfect.  At the rear of the main room is the framing area.  Greg does an excellent job framing art.  And why not?  He is an artist!  In the other room -- sort of a work room -- the re is more art displayed.  Greg says that people gravitate to that area.  It reminds me of when you have a party -- guests end up hanging out in the kitchen.  This little work area of the gallery is the "kitchen" and it is just a fun place to hang out.


So, yep – I will have a couple black and white photos hanging in the show.  Also there will be a few of my matted prints available.  The opening reception is this Saturday evening from 6pm to 9pm.  Come out to the gallery to see what a great space it is – and – if I have not already met you – this would be a great time!


Here is a link to the Dogwood Gallery & Framer website:


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