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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gifts for the Photographer

It is that time of year again. The time when you try to think of the best gift for certain people on your list. Some people can be very difficult to shop for -- so let's take care of the photographer right now.

Photographer's like magazines (at least I do). A subscription to a photo magazine is a good idea. Lenswork is my all time favorite magazine. This is a must for those who love black and white photography. Another good one that I recently rediscovered is Popular Photography. I remember at one time thinking this was one of those magazines filled with ads -- but not anymore. Outdoor Photographer is a magazine that I have been getting for a few years and always look forward to the new issue. One magazine I did subscribe to last year that I will not be renewing is American Photo. I can't quite describe it -- but I was very disappointed in this magazine. I added it to my subscription for Popular Photography -- they had a deal going to get both for a reduced price.

If the photographer on your list already has stacks of magazines -- how about a book? Annie Leibovitz has a new book coming out this week. It looks interesting. It is called -- Annie Leibovitz at Work. I have this on preorder from Barnes & Noble. Speaking of Barnes & Noble, they have boxed together Scott Kelby's digital photography books (volumes 1 & 2) for an easy gift. Many like Scott's "wit and humor" throughout the book -- but frankly I get very tired of it and, well, I have heard from people in my classes that they find it annoying as well. So heads up to Scott -- lose the wise guy chit chat and stick to the photography -- these books are so good -- it is worth wading through the smart remarks. A book that I bought this past year that really stands out is Digital Photo Art -- this is for those who are into photography and art projects.

If you are looking for something that is new and interesting -- think about the Unibind Photobook Creator, ( Instead of spending all that time uploading photo online to order a book -- you create your own -- hardcover -- at home. Another new and interesting idea is the Eye-Fi Home 2gb SD Memory Card. ( These are available at many locations, including Best Buy. This memory card will wirelessly transmit your photos from the card to your computer when you get home. (Do you ever feel that things are just getting a little too Jetson's sometimes?) Something interesting -- but not very new -- is the photo vest. I have a Safari Vest from Cabela's and love it. It is much easier to pack the pockets of the vest and head out on a trail than to haul my backpack all of the time.

If you aren't sure if your photographer has any of these things I mentioned or if they would really like it -- there is always the gift card. A gift card to Barnes & Noble means they can choose just the photo book they have been wanting. B & H Photo ( and Adorama Camera ( offer gift cards/certificates -- anyone interested in photography could always use one of these! If you have local camera shops -- I am sure they will have a gift certificate available.

And last but not least -- one of the must fun photo accessories I have purchased this year -- the cool fabric camera strap from Just go to ( and search "camera strap." You will find many to choose from.

Happy shopping!

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