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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Photos

Every year I take a photo of the kids sitting in front of the Christmas tree. We usually do it on Christmas Eve. It is not a great photo -- it is really one of those meant to document the event. When I look back at them I can see how the kids have grown. Even at 21 and almost 17 they will humor me to sit there and have their photo made. Some years there is a dog in the photo. The cat never seems interested.

When you take photos of Christmas think about your perspective. If the kids are on the floor opening gifts -- get down on the floor with them to get some shots at their level. Watching them open gifts and capturing their face when they see what is inside is always a good photo.

If the pets are cooperative -- get them in the photos too. Our cat usually is not -- and there have been some times in the past week when my daughter put a bow on her head -- maybe that is why she avoids the presents? She may have developed a 'bow phobia?' She usually likes to lay under the tree when nothing else is there.

Besides the usual Christmas photos around the tree and unwrapping gifts -- think of other opportunities...

Christmas lights are a great subject to play around with. Don't use a flash -- this will be a very slow shutter photo -- so use a tripod. I like to zoom a lens during the photo to make a wild pattern with the light. Also -- instead of zooming the lens during the photo -- use a long exposure and move the camera around while the shutter is open. You can get some very interesting abstracts this way.

Baking Christmas cookies is also a very photographic event. All of the ingredients, colors of sugar, shiny pans, cookie cutters, etc. make nice holiday photos. Hmmmm, I might have just figured my Christmas card photo for next year!

If you are heading to someone else's house -- take along the tripod. Even if you just end up leaving it in the car; if you don't take it, you know you will wish you had. Charge your batteries, make sure you have a spare memory card, and take lots of photos.

Merry Christmas!

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