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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Barefoot Photographer & Son

Tomorrow the Simple Pleasures photography show opens at The Veranda Inn in Senoia.  This is a new show.  Senoia is a busy place these days.  It is home to Riverwood Studios and the 2010 Southern Living Georgia Idea House.  The reception for the show is Friday night from 7 to 9.  I will be there on Saturday afternoon at 2pm speaking on "simple pleasures" and how the Lensbaby lens fits into that for me.  Sunday afternoon a good friend and great photographer, Gary Gruby, will be speaking on photography.  Also Saturday evening there is a dinner at The Veranda, reservations need to be made by contacting The Veranda -- and when you call about dinner, see if they have any rooms available.

This show is special for me because my son has a photo in it.  This is the first time he has entered anything.  He takes really nice photos.  We have been poking around at local car shows.  One of the first photos he ever took is the one that made it into the show.  

So -- you know it is going to be hot this weekend -- come to Senoia and hang out with us at The Veranda where it is always cool in the shade.

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