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Monday, July 11, 2011

Birth of a Body of Work

I just posted on my other blog a photo from yesterday.  That is one of those photos that I like to think of as a Seinfeld photo.  It is about nothing -- really -- absolutely nothing -- but I like it.  After I left the gas station and headed on to Target -- just your usual day of running a few errands; a thought came to me.  More photos of nothing (and I am sure I am not the first person to think of this) -- public restrooms.  I refuse to Google to see if someone else is doing or has done this.  I want to do it and I do not want to be influenced either directly or subconsciously by someone else's work.
Target 2
I really like this photo from the Target ladies room.  The different lines and bold red color grab my attention.  I also like the fact that the round light on the right is cut off at the edge of the photo.  I can see me adding to this body of work for a long long time.  I got two restrooms yesterday -- and now I am thinking of going out today.  Not because I need to -- but because I want to hit a couple more ladies rooms.


Monica Gaddy said...

Hey this and what a great idea! I would have never guessed this was a Target restroom...the coloring makes it look really retro. Have fun with this one!
~Monica Gaddy

Donna Rosser said...

Thanks Monica! It is so weird -- I think the best ideas come to me when I am out driving around. This one will be fun.

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