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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maynard Jackson International Terminal

Today marks the opening of the new Maynard Jackson International Terminal at the Atlanta airport. A few months ago I was contacted by Atlanta Celebrates Photography to submit photos for consideration for an installation in the new terminal. The exhibit, Picturing Georgia, is in three locations inside the arrival areas of the terminal. This is all about giving those arriving a welcoming look at the state of Georgia.

Two of my photos were selected. One is of a flock of blackbirds, taken in my front yard. I really like this photo; the black and blue are appealing to me with the movement of so many birds. I have printed this one in black and white and like that version as well. The other photo is of a peach orchard in bloom in Pike County, Georgia. I get to Pike County often due to SlowExposures Committee meetings. I think most people identify Georgia with peaches -- personally I like peaches from South Carolina better. 

I have never printed one of my photos so large. It was awesome to see them and the photos from all of the other artists. The Atlanta Celebrates Photography blog has a few more photos. The exhibit has a very diverse collection of photography showing those arriving how Georgia varies from coast to mountains and everything in between.

The terminal has a lot of great art. My favorite piece is called airField, a collaborative piece by UeBersee. This is made of round acrylic discs that react to electric current turning opaque and then clear dictated by the take off and landing patterns.

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