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Monday, July 23, 2012

Patience -- A Waiting Game

Photography has always been an exercise in patience for me. When I used film -- I had to wait to see the image. Entering juried shows is a game of waiting -- you enter and you wait. Sometimes you wait longer than was first expected.

Last year I was thrilled to have one of my entries selected for Art Kudos -- an international juried art competition that is online. I like participating in an art call more so than just photography. I like to see how my photography will stack up against any artform. The photo selected last year is this one...

This is one of my favorite photos of Sadie. I like the color combination of her white & spots with the green quilt and thread pattern. Last year I also submitted the snake. It was not chosen last year -- but this year it was. That is how fickle juried shows can be. You can have a strong photograph but it may not fit with other selections in a show -- so it is not picked. Just because a photo is not picked for one show -- that does not mean it could not be a winner some place else. 

But back to being patient -- about a month ago I received an email from Art Kudos telling me that one or more of my submissions had been selected for their 2012 exhibit. Then I was instructed to wait over two weeks -- and check the website on July 15 to see the selections.

It is a game of enter and wait. Also recently I had forgotten I entered the Texas Photographic Society's TPS 21: The International Competition. I think I saw that call near the end and entered it -- then never made a note of the selection date -- so imagine my surprise when I received the email that I had a photo in. It is a new photo and one I think will do well in juried shows (if it fits well with the others).

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Martin Pate said...

Congratulations! Great shots!

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