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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I have a new app. If you follow me on Instagram (@donnarosser) you already know this. Oh, and I love it.

with Percolator
I have used this app on photos of the dogs, blueberries, and a macro of a yucca. I love them all. This one -- the lilies in my backyard pond is a favorite. There have been some attempts that did not turn out so well -- and you will never see those.

The images look nice printed -- I have a couple at my framer now and plan to show them later on this fall. I am cautious to not become dependent on the gimmick of the app. This is fun and looks wonderful to me -- my math background is loving the geometrics of this effect.  But (a big but here) I am afraid I have already over used it. So in thinking about how to make an app more personal to my own vision I am taking these images a step (or two) beyond the app. These images are lending themselves to wonderful mixed media and collage works. I will also show these end results later on this fall.

I am a big fan of Hipstamatic, Wood Camera, Snapseed, and Viewmatic. I think at last count I have over 25 photo apps on my iPhone. For anyone interested in the un-Percolated version of the Lilies -- it is below.

original image

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