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Sunday, February 9, 2014


Years ago on a trip to Hawaii, because my husband sprained his ankle, I met Nikki Sixx.

Earlier in the week I noticed this guy on the beach -- a guy with a lot of tattoos. He also had a lot of cameras and some people helping him carry the equipment around. I thought he was a photographer and perhaps there was a shoot of some kind going on at the resort or down on the beach. There were some celebrities at the resort and I wondered if he was just there to catch them on vacation.

A few days go by and, without going into detail, a mishap occurred on the golf course. My husband sprained his ankle. We were taken to the hotel doctor. There was the typical small waiting room with people waiting to see the doc. As soon as we settled in for our wait -- my husband looks at the guy I had seen early on and says, "Hey, I know you."

And the conversation began. He was such a nice guy and so fun to talk to -- about travel and photography.

Fast forward to 2013 and I am getting pretty active on Instagram (find me here). I wondered if Nikki Sixx was on Instagram -- and sure he is -- here.

I am not a big celebrity person.  I don't read People magazine (except for that time I was paid to read it). But it is fun to see this stream of photos. Most of my Instagram contacts are photo friends from all over. I do like to keep up with Sharon Lawrence as well there and on Facebook. She and I met when she was in town working on a Drop Dead Diva episode -- and I actually got to sit in on the shooting (fun!). 

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