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Friday, June 24, 2016

Put Your Money (or Your Time) Where Your Mouth Is....

Last night I became a member of a restructured Fayette County Public Art Committee. For those familiar with this blog -- you know last September, November, December, and January I posted my feelings of the old committee and their direction. Other county residents and I began attending meetings and voicing our concerns.

In March the Board of Commissioners voted to restructure the committee and all spots were up for consideration. Twenty-three people stepped up to interview for the eleven open positions of the new committee. Thankfully, the two commissioners conducting the interviews felt that I was qualified to be one of the new members.

I want to thank everyone offering support and encouragement through this time. I have endured many insults and accusations. Now it is time to hit the ground running and embrace this opportunity to change. Change is a powerful word. I feel that if you do criticize, you need to be prepared to make a difference if afforded the chance.

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BeckEyedSuzan said...

Looking forward to the expansion of art opportunities in our county.

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