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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Homemade Postcard Club

Some reading this will know Andrea from all the years she has volunteered with SlowExposures. Andrea sequences the photos and hangs the main exhibit. 
Andrea in Strickland's
Those who know her, know that she is a little quirky -- no TV, no computer, no answering machine, and certainly no cell phone. Andrea collects -- just about anything. Andrea creates art installations in her home -- cross dressing Ken dolls, naked Barbies in bedpans, and a very interesting walk through her "Jurassic Park" in her yard.  No, she hasn't seen the movie or read the book. I wonder how this bit of pop culture found its way to Andrea.

Not long ago she asked me to send her a homemade postcard. Yes, she is building another collection. 

The postcards can be made of anything thick enough -- like a cereal box or thin cardboard -- and sized between 3.5x5 and 4.25x6.  Postcards can be larger, but those would require a regular first-class letter stamp and not a postcard stamp.  So far I've sent Andrea postcards made from 12-pack drink boxes, Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix box, and for Christmas I sent her a card made from a Little Debbie Christmas Cake box. Before anything goes into my recycle bin, I check it out to see if it would make a postcard. I cut the postcard out and put the remainder into recycling.

On a recent visit to Andrea's to view the bedpan exhibit, I saw some of her postcards on display. 

She loves to get them.  How about sending one (or more) to her?  Include your address on the back and she might even send one back to you!  Her address is:  Andrea Noel, 114 Head St., Zebulon, GA 30295. Let's stuff Andrea's mailbox!


Chris said...

Oh, this would be fun--and Andrea would love getting some postcards--what an amazing person she is! Thanks, Donna for thinking of this--I saw the postcards when I went over to see this yar's Christmas show--one of her all-time best...

Anonymous said...

I will send her one when I get to Mexico.

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