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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Tuesday morning I knew there would be fog.  I had watched the late news Monday night and heard the weather forecast.  Tuesday morning I had to take my daughter to play practice.  Her school group is performing Les Mis tonight and tomorrow night.  She had to be there at 9 a.m.  I thought about putting the camera in the car to take along – but I did not.  Halfway to play practice I was thinking what a goof I had been to not bring along the camera.  The fog was wonderful!


As soon as I dropped her off – I headed back home to get the camera.  It was still only about 9:15 – plenty of fog around.  But before I starting taking photos – I stopped in to vote in the Georgia primary.  After voting, I continued to retrace the route from earlier that morning.  I stopped to take some photos of some trees.  The one place I had noticed earlier (someone's curving driveway framed by a black fence) had changed and so I did not stop there.  I stopped by a fie ld with some cows.  A few of them were near the road side munching on a pile of hay.  A couple of them looked up and gave me a good stare as I snapped their portraits.  Cows remind me of my dog – I don't think the dog or the cows would find that comparison flattering.  Between me and the cows it was clear – but the fog provided a nice background.


Then I thought about a very trite local subject – but I like it anyway – so I went to Starr's Mill.  I took a few of the mill and the falls in the fog – but my favorites there were some trees.  I have converted these to black and white – and I love them!  I believe they are contest material.  I did not stay here long – there was another location I wanted to visit.


I drove almost back to my house to a local wetlands project that is yet to be completed.  I took photos here of the vastness of the property.  I then drove a little ways up the road to another driveway in to the place.  This drive has a chain across the entrance so I could just pull my car in far enough to be off of the road.  As I walked past the no trespassing signs I could hear geese on the pond.  I walked down to see them – but did not have a good shot of any of them.  I did notice the reflections of the bare trees across the pond.  The grayness of the trees' reflection in the muddy brown water made an interesting composition. 


By now the fog was burning off and I needed to go get some gas.  It was a pretty good morning to be out.  As for the bare trees shots – time is growing short on those.  I have spotted a redbud (two actually) beginning to bloom in Peachtree City and other trees budding out with leaves.  There are still many bare trees out there – but next thing you know – it will be spring!

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