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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Arts and Moonshine

The arts community is one big web of a network.  Since I started the blog and my website – I have been connecting with people in the art world that I may have never met before.  Locally, when I head out to a local art spot – I see work that is familiar to me by artists that I have met.  In any community there are many talented artists that you may never know about.  Many of the people I have come to know in the past few years have been here the whole time that I have – but we never knew about each other.


Being an artist is a one-man band kind of operation.  I keep telling my husband that I need an agent to go out and promote me and my work.  What is funny is you can get that – when you really build a name.  But – and here is the funny part – once you build a name, do you really "need" an agent?  When I promote my workshops, I send the notices all over the place – well within Georgia.  I send them to many contact points that either publish in a paper or on the internet happenings in the art world.  In doing this, I have met some great people – but not in person – yet. 


One of my contacts has been with Southern Creativity (  This group began as a bunch of former UGA students and Athens-area artists got together to keep inspired and to inspire others.  The blog is a great source of art news.  Robin Fay is the editor of the online arts magazine Moonshine.  (  Robin is a multimedia artist, web designer, information specialist and photographer.  You can read about Robin a nd the other 15 contributors to Moonshine at the link provided.  And yes, I am a contributor.  One of these days – I need to get over to Athens to meet Robin in person.


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