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Friday, June 13, 2008

Flowers and Rabbits

This has been a good week to take photos.  The daylilies are really starting to bloom.  I have a beautiful white one near the pond in the backyard.  Beside the garage door is a wonderful purple with gold deep down inside.  Near the air conditioner units I have a deep scarlet with gold inside.  The daylilies make a nice photos showing the whole bloom – but it is really fun to get extra close for a macro.  The Lensbaby is also a good tool to get unique shots of the lilies in bloom.   If you check out my Flickr page, you can see four of the purple lily.


The backyard is really coming along now.  This week a few storms helped water the new plants that were having a time of it in the heat.    Some of the old daylilies foliage has been looking "tired."  I realized it had been awhile since I fertilized those plants – so not only did they get some needed rain this week – they got some plant food!


Before we got the rain – I was taking advantage of the relaxed watering restrictions.  I went out on my assigned day during the assigned time to water – especially the new plants.  Five years ago, when we landscaped inside the fence to create this little courtyard area, we planted Indian Hawthorn along the back and side fence area.  I rarely water these bushes now since they are so well established – but the other day – it had been so hot – I decided to spray them with the hose a little.


Well – spraying the bushes gave me my own Jimmy Carter moment in the yard.  Do you remember the story of the rabbit that "attacked" Jimmy Carter during a fishing trip in Georgia?  Here is a link to the story: 


When I sprayed those bushed a rabbit shot out of them directly at me.  It was a small one – but it was moving so quickly, I was startled.  Unlike Jimmy, I did not beat it off with an oar.  I simply moved (I had been standing very still).  When it saw me moving – it made a sharp right turn and ran out under the gate.  I felt badly I had scared it so.  I felt badly until I saw that it had been eating the buds from my black-eyed susans and purple coneflowers!


Update on the pond – I do have a baby turtle and am in the process of identifying what kind it is.  Last Sunday I happened to capture it for a little while – to look it over and take some close ups of it.  I placed it back in the pond.  Last night I tossed out some fish food and noticed the turtle swimming among the fish nibbling on the tidbits.  And – I do have tadpoles.  Not near as many are in the pond as I have had in previous years.  I don't know if the snake or the turtle have anything to do with this.

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