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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vanishing Point

One more of the peach orchard -- I just can't seem to get out of these rows and rows of peach trees!

The photo on the blog today is another of the orchard -- showing the trees -- but also showing something that many photographers seek -- a vanishing point.  The term 'vanishing point' is the visual phenomenon that tricks your eye to think that two parallel lines will meet far off in the distance.  

Looking at this photo you would think that the trees (or the rows of trees) at some point come together.  They don't.  We know they don't -- what farmer would angle rows to meet?

Many photos that show a vanishing point involve railroad tracks -- another one that anyone who knows anything realizes the rails are always the same distance apart even if they look as though they meet (and maybe cross) at some point far away from the extreme point that we can see.

Since I am such a macro person -- preferring to work more on close subjects -- I don't have a lot of vanishing point photos.  Some people 'collect' these (I guess like anything -- you gravitate to what you like).  Now that I have this shot -- I really like it -- I may search out more opportunities.

My biggest obstacle of these photos -- the other opportunities -- is that I have seen so many of the railroad tracks and highways.  I have an obsession to be different.  If I have seen photos of certain subjects -- I will almost obsess about staying away from any photo that would look anything like the ones I have seen.  I strive to have my own vision.  I don't want to do something that someone else has already done.  Repeating something you have seen has its place -- to learn a little -- but I would never repeat someone else's work to keep and show.  

So back to my orchard photo on the blog.  I am sure I am not the only person who has ever taken a photo similar or even just like this -- but I haven't seen it.  I took this because I was standing there -- in that spot and liked the view.  

Great points of the orchard -- it was a different subject for me -- it was a stretch.  I got out of my usual box and really like a lot of the photos I got that day.  Getting out of your usual box will always be a good exercise. 

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