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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day!

I am trying to remember the last time we had a decent snow day in the south Atlanta area.  I can't remember.   Today was a halfway decent snow day.  Ideally the temperature could have been slightly colder for the best accumulation -- but there for a while when the snow was falling at a good rate -- we had a nice build up on the trees.  The flakes falling were very large and very wet.  They quickly covered trees and blanketed branches.  

I used four different lenses today.  The Tamron 18-250mm zoom was the most used.  I did get out the Composer with the telephoto attachment, the good ol' 50mm, and the 14mm.  The photo on the blog showing the sidewalk was taken with the 14mm.  

The photo of Rosebud out in the beginning of the snow -- and really the others on the blog were taken with the Tamron zoom.  I switched back and forth from auto to manual focus.  I like auto when I am in a hurry so I can be sure to nail the focus I want.  The problem with today was that the snowflakes were throwing off the auto focus.  When the snow got very heavy -- I had to switch to manual focus.

All of the photos were taken in color -- and as I usually do -- I converted to black and white with the Silver Efex plug in.  The photos were very monochromatic anyway -- the only thing is with the pine -- you could see some of the deep green of the needles -- but I prefered the black and white to really put the focus on the snow.

The photo showing the snow falling and the mailbox -- well -- I just like this composition.  Again this photo was very monochromatic -- but I took it all the way with the black and white conversion.

I am thinking that I may have created the 2009 Christmas card today!


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