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Monday, November 8, 2010

Politics Aside....

This morning I had to get to the Georgia Capitol for a photo op appointment with Governor Perdue.  I am not going to get into politics -- but I will say he seems like a very nice man.  I just wish I did not take such a goofy photo. 

Months ago I was asked by a local arts group if I had any photos that showed "Georgia" that I would like to submit for consideration to hang in the Office of the Governor.  So I had a few -- and I took them in and frankly forgot about it after a couple weeks.
When I took more work to this location I did remember and assumed that none of my photos had been selected.  I asked about retrieving the work and was told two of my photos were selected.  I made contact with the office to see if I could come by to take a photo of my work hanging in the office.  What was offered to me was a photo with the governor.  

The photo to the right shows my photos on the wall in the office. These photos were in SlowExposures 2009.  The top photo is of the Strickland Building in Concord, Georgia. This photo was taken in September, 2008.  The building was since renovated and is nice -- but does not look like this photo any longer.  The photo on the bottom was taken at the Hollonville Cemetery on Hollonville Road near the Gregg Peach Orchard.  I pass this cemetery when I drive to Zebulon.  I see this false crypt and wonder about the child who died.  There is an adult sized crypt next to this one.

It is an honor to have work hang in the Capitol Building, especially when in the same room are two Steve Penley paintings.

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Rhonda Holcomb said...

Photograph what you love and follow your heart :D Congrats! You must be thrilled.

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