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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sun Dogs

A sun dog or parhelion is an atmospheric condition that gives the appearance of bright, rainbow spots of light in the sky.  Sometimes these occurrences look like an arc of light or even surround the Sun.

I was watching the sky yesterday while out running errands.  The color of blue and wispy white clouds were pretty to watch.  The winds kept the clouds moving and changing.  While they moved and blew across the sky the sunlight would shine through them creating the rainbow effects.  Standing in a parking lot I took my photo of the day yesterday showing a jet high in the sky creating a contrail to mix with the clouds.  It was when I took this photo that I noticed the sun dog forming.  I sat, watched and took more photos.

I watched as the clouds moved and the light changed.  I took photos in this parking lot and then moved on to my next errand.  As I was at a gas station filling the car I looked up and saw the arc of light -- so another photo was taken.

Certainly most people looking at me must have wondered what I saw in the sky that was so interesting.  I hope a few of them looked up.  It was a nice day to sky watch.

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