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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Japanese Maple

One of my favorite subjects is just outside the front door.  The Japanese Maple is beautiful in all four seasons.  I just put a black and white version of this photo on The Photo of the Week blog.  The tree has been on the blog before.  A photo of the tree -- bare in winter has even appeared on Hanging with Mr. Bennette.  In the summer the leaves are thick, bright green and pretty.  In the fall the leaves turn a brilliant orange and glow in the sun.

I don't have many spring photos of this tree.  I took this one just the other day.  One of those mostly gray days -- with a bit of brightness.  Just enough light was there to backlight the leaves.  This shows off the newness of them -- the fresh, juicy, green of spring.

Spring is a great time to get out to shoot nature photos.  Spring is also a great time to view nature photos.  In less than two weeks (two weeks yesterday) is the opening reception of Nature Undisturbed 2011.  The reception starts at 6pm.  At 7pm our juror, Susan Todd-Raque will speak about her selections for the show and her choices for the winning photos.  Susan has been involved with the show from our first year.  She will also moderate a panel discussion on collecting photography on April 30 at 2pm.  The panel includes Kathryn Kolb -- fine art nature photographer; Lucinda Bunnen -- fine art photographer and collector; and the new Curator of Photography at the High Museum, Brett Abbott.

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