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Thursday, September 1, 2011


view from a parking garage
Yesterday I had some errands to run in Atlanta.  The busy season of 'Atlanta Celebrates Photography' is about to begin.  I was dropping off some work and picking up a couple photos from the In Your Dreams show at the APG Gallery.
I like getting above something to get a different view.  Standing above the bottom of the escalator the patterns and people make an interesting composition.
looking through the courtyard
From the same spot as the escalator photo -- but instead of looking down -- this is looking across.  Through the windows at the entrance of Crawford Long Hospital you see the trees inside the courtyard and trees outside.  I like the pattern on the large window and the buildings in the distance.
air vac at the bottom of the stairs
Sitting at a stop light, this was on the side of the street.  I love this photo.  

Another scene from the car.  The colorful paper boxes all begging you to take one for free.

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