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Thursday, March 22, 2012


My drive lately is taking me past some beautiful wisteria.  In the photo above you can see some muscadine vines intertwined with the wisteria.

The sky really was that blue yesterday -- no filter on the camera or tweak of saturation on the computer. I like the way the vines wrap around the tree and the purple blooms mix with the fresh, new spring leaves against that cloudless sky.

This is my drive into Serenbe to the photography center. It is a pretty darn nice drive. This Sunday I am leading a nature walk, Saturday speaking on the panel at Nature Undisturbed at Dogwood Gallery, and Friday night attending the collector event at the Serenbe Photography Center.

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Jenn Escalona said...

Beautiful! I love it when the sky is that particular shade of blue that just seems so unreal. Wisteria usually blooms around my birthday in the first week of April, so I've been fuming this year that my birthday present from God/Mother Nature came early!

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