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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Collecting Photographs

Over the years I have collected things...shells, recipes, bird nests, feathers, seeds, fabric, fountain pens, books, and many other things.

I have my grandmothers' sewing boxes and jewelry boxes filled with buttons, notions, earrings, and funky bead necklaces. 

You could say I have a camera collection -- the latest being Muffy -- a 70s Canon AE-1.

The first piece of art I purchased was a pen and ink drawing of a cougar -- I was probably 10 and it was during my hometown art festival. A favorite piece is a large Johnny Johnson that I gave to my husband for our anniversary one year. 

I am also photography collector.  Most of what I have are small prints and I don't know that I intend to frame any of it.  I like to keep the prints in a portfolio book -- easily looked at and safe. My purchases are from a variety of sources -- including last year's highly publicized Life Support Japan.  I love Jen Bekman's 20x200. Not to even mention the collection of old photos I have that belonged to my grandfather. And now I am forming a Collectors' Guild at the Serenbe Photography Center

We had the first collector event at SPC last month.  John Bennette came to Atlanta for a few days and spent one of those with us.  He held the attention of a room full of people telling tales of his first purchases and favorite photos. The group is fun and nothing could be better than a photo center not only promoting photography with workshops and a member group -- but also a collector group! For the next collector event March 23 -- Susan Todd-Raque is the speaker. 

One of my favorite photos is of a very modern house in Virginia -- out in the country but not too far from Washington DC.  I spotted the photo on a blog for an architectural photography group.  The small group of chickens in the yard of the home really made the photo.  I love it.

The latest edition to my collection came to me via Facebook.  Last week I saw a photo from a friend -- he took it with his iphone.  I asked for a print and he emailed me the file.  I love this photo -- the geometrics of it -- the reflection.  John Bennette commented to me that it was a bit surreal with the late winter snow on such green grass.  Thanks for the photo Leroy!

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