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Thursday, October 29, 2015

How Deer is Your Morning Walk?

These selections from my Morning Walk series feature the deer that share our space. There are many mornings I take my dogs out for a walk and they get very excited, thrust their noses high in the air and sniff vigorously. I have seen deer strut through my yard. My hosta plants are gone, thank you very much, deer! Telltale tracks line the dirt path through my back woods. 

Much of the cart path trail through Peachtree City is in heavily wooded areas. We may think we own property and live in a certain space where deer feel free to roam and eat our plants. The deer see it another way, this is their space and they feel fortunate that we provide them with such tasty alternatives to the native vegetation.

Cart paths are mainly for the golf carts in Peachtree City. As a walker of the paths, I find this photo particularly 'very PTC' with the deer in the backyard of a home, next to the cart. I was very close and the deer never looked up.

I love poison ivy -- how it trails up a tree with its hairy vines. In the fall, the leaves are such a pretty yellow. 

Such a shy buck -- he would not step out of the trees to show his antlers. The female with him stood very still as he stepped under cover.

This one is in a spot where we frequently see a doe with babies. They stay far back from the path in this open area. This is one of my favorites.

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