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Sunday, January 27, 2008


If you like black and white photography, you have to check out Lenswork. I know I have mentioned this little gem of a magazine in the blog before, but it calls for more than one, two, or just a few mentions.

Lenswork is a beautiful, small magazine dedicated to black and white photography. (The podcast on just how the magazine got to be this size is very interesting.) Each issue features photographers and their work. You can also read articles and interviews.

The backbone of Lenswork is not the technical aspect of photography - but the artistic way of taking photos. For subscribers there is a chance to get along with the magazine, a CD with more interviews, portfolios, and even printable versions of fine art images. Brooks Jensen, the publisher, also puts out interesting podcasts. His podcasts are short - usually 3 to 5 minutes - and they are filled with great, inspiring information. One of my favorites was on his 10 favorite non-photographic tools. The magazine, podcasts and extended version of the subscription all push you to think more, be more creative, and develop a body of work that is truly your own.

As much as I like to look at ads in magazines, I like Lenswork because it does not have any outside advertising. It is a very refreshing photography magazine. I just renewed my enhanced subscription (and purchased a couple books by Brooks) at

Oh, by the way, the hurricane hood arrived in the middle of the flooring-replacement stage of the remodel so as of yet, I have not had time to play with it.

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