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Monday, January 14, 2008


It is the middle of January – what is there to photograph?  No flowers, no bugs, so blah!


OK – so the birdfeeders, birds and squirrels are getting old – how about trees?  As I was out this morning I could not help but notice the beautiful bare trees against the clear blue sky.  Bare trees make an interesting study – you can experiment with black and white or silhouettes.  This is the only time of the year to get to see what is under all those leaves.  One the way home, I noticed how some trees were so full of mistletoe that they appeared to be full of leaves.  Well, actually I guess they are full of leaves – from the mistletoe!  Mistletoe is hemi parasitic meaning it can photosynthesize for itself but will also obtain some nourishment from its host. 


I heard a tiny bit of weather news that perhaps we may have a touch of winter later this week.  I don't think I have taken any snow or ice photos for a couple of years!


This Friday I will be at the National Archives, Southeast (weather permitting!) for the workshop on preserving, restoring, and duplicating your old photos.


The Intro to Digital Photography classes at the Fayette Art Center have been a major hit – the classes are full for January.  I have added another couple Intro classes to the February schedule along with the classes on Photoshop Elements for Beginners.  Later in the spring I would like to plan an outing for present and former students – I will make an announcement here as well as in classes and encourage anyone interested to come out.


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