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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is coming soon.  Time to dust off those thinking caps!  What to get mom (or what should I hint for???) 


If the kids are little – it is always fun if they make something.  They can make a "photo bouquet" by cutting flower shapes from construction paper and pasting a face (theirs usually) in the center.  Print photos of the kids and have them cut face circles (or use one of those handy dandy punchs from the scrapbooking section) to use as the center of the flowers.  Then securely tape a pipe cleaner to the back.  They can be placed in a vase or just give as a hand held bouquet! has some interesting photo products.  I particularly like the Four-Panel Photo Pop (very Andy Warhol) and the Pop Portrait.  The Four Panel is just four color combos of the same portrait.  The Pop Portrait is the digital version of silk screening and oil portrait.  They lift the portrait from any photo.  I admit – most of the stuff on this sight you could do yourself on the computer with a photo editing program – but some of it would take a LONG time to do and then you would still have to get it printed.  Since we are so close to Mot her's Day – double check with customer service that you will receive in it time – this may cost extra. 


I have seen some really cool photo totes – the tote bag has one large photo on the side – maybe another on the other side or it is just black.  I keep thinking I need to get one of these – but I haven't yet.  Reasons why?  I have a boatload of tote bags and I can't pick just one or two photos! 


Remember with these products, and any others, that incorporate your photos into them – the lead time may not work for this Mother's Day.  Sometimes I think it may take two weeks to get the item.  If you really like it – remember it for birthday or the next gift giving occasion.  But check with respective customer services – they may do extra-speedy service for Mother's Day.


Now, if mom is like me and into taking the photos – what kind of gear to get her? 


If Mom is into printing her own at home – check out a great sample pack of papers.  I order my inks from  They are super fast and they stock great paper sample packs. 


One of the coolest little gadgets I bought recently is the Hoodman Right-Angle Viewer.  This is great for when you have your camera low on the tripod.  It allows you to look into the top of the viewer rather than having to get down to look through the camera lens.  If mom is into macro – think about getting one (or a set) of the close up diopters.  I have a +4 that I use on my Tamron lens and the Lensbaby macro set includes a +4 and +10 these can be stacked.  Check out the Hoodman viewers and the close-up diopters at B&H Photo online (


Crumpler makes some cute (yes cute) photo bags – check out the Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home Photo Bag at Amazon – it comes in many colors.  I don't have one of these – yet!


You know – I have often thought my camera strap was not very attractive.  There are so many really pretty ones available on Etsy!  Go to and search "camera strap."   Etsy is a great place to browse around if you have a few hours to kill – it is a place for craft people to sell their handmade items.  If you just want to see anything camera related – leave out the word "strap."   Ok, thanks to writing this blog – I just ordered a very cu te camera strap from VMJess on Etsy!


Hey -- wouldn't the Crumpler bag be great with all of the other goodies inside?  Some of those photo flowers with faces would be extra cute sticking out of the side.  The camera strap could be coordinated with the color of the bag! 


OK -- get busy!  Print this blog out and leave it where someone will see it -- someone who is asking "Hey, what do you want for Mother's Day?"



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