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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wildflowers by the Side of the Road

This week on our regular trek to Hampton I noticed many more wildflowers blooming than last week.  Along GA 85 I noticed some crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) blooms.  You can't miss these – they stick out among the green and any other blooms – they are a deep, deep red.  Sometimes – while driving by – you would almost think there was a wild strawberry plant (Fragaria virginiana) and the blooms are the berries. 


All along the drive I would spot masses of blue toadflax (Linaria canadensis).  There are two fields that I saw filled with this.  They both would make a great photo.  The time of day (harshness of the sun) when I passed by yesterday was not good.  I would like to return soon to take the photo later in the day.  There are old barns – one just weathered wood in one field – the other painted red in the other field, about a mile away.  The empty fields in front of both barns are a blue haze of toadflax blooms. 


Oxeye daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare) are blooming in a few spots.  I believe the peek time for them will come soon.  The transplants I put into my backyard are nearing bloom or just beginning to put up a stem.  I have quite a few in the backyard – they all came from one little clump that grew in the lawn.  It was constantly cut down when the grass was – and it always looked so healthy.  I finally dug it up and placed it in a flower bed.  That one little clump has scattered seeds all over the backyard.  Last year most were growing in the pea gravel pa thway.  So far, this year I see most where they belong.


The horrible thistle (Cirsium horridulum) is making a strong appearance this week.  No, I am not calling it 'horrible' – that is part of the name.  We you are out and about – driving by any cow pasture.  Look off through the field to see if you can spot a spiky, bristle-like plant with a purple crown.


There is some kind of very low, mass plant covered in lemon-yellow blooms.  The blooms appear to be the size of a pencil eraser.  I have yet to find this one in my field guide.  Another yet unidentified plant is that taller, feathery looking grass with the pinkish buds? Are they berries?  I am still looking on that one.  


The other yellow out there is the dandelions – still blooming and more this week than last.  So guess what?  I spent about 35 minutes yesterday picking them in the huge yard of a church.  I felt assured that no weed killer had been sprayed on them.  They, and all the other weeds, looked way too healthy and prolific!   I did not get a whole quart – but I got pretty close to it.  I already had lemons at home – and plenty of sugar.  So yesterday afternoon I cooked up a batch of dandelion wine.  It is sitting in my pantry right now – and it smells good!  I also added a sliced navel orange to mine.


What else did I see?  Lots and lots of blackberries in bloom!  The blackberries in my backyard are not blooming – yet.  But out where there is sun all day long – the blooms are at peek.


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