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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Online Course, Dogs, and Caterpillars

I am taking an online photo course. I have always wondered about them --- are they really good? The price seems a bit high, but these are big names in photography.

The one that had been luring me was taught by Tony Sweet. I have three of his books, actually I think there are only three available at present. His website mentions another book coming out early next yea, I am sure I will get that one. Oh, and he has a DVD (or is it two?) available either now or very soon. And yes, I plan to buy the DVDs. Can you tell I think Tony Sweet is an a wesome photographer? He is doing what I would love to be doing, the whole nature photographer, workshop, book, web thing.

This week was the beginning of the course. I was very anxious to receive the first lesson link in my email. What a bummer that since I got the email and the assignment the weather here has been less that wonderful photographically. I mean, really, I know we need the rain... but. Yesterday early afternoon was not so bad. It was cloudy, which is fine, really it is much better than blazing, super bright sun.

There are a couple wild cherry trees at the edge of the woods in the back yard that I have been keeping an eye on. Most of the blooms are yet to come, but a few have popped open. That was going to be my main target. I took quite a few photos of the blooms and buds, they are OK, nothing about these photos really made me think --- WOW. So I kept looking around.

At this point in the blog, I feel compelled to ask for advice from anyone reading. There is a couple in my neighborhood that frequently walks their (huge) dog elsewhere for his "doggy business." Down in the back of my yard – it is not 'developed' – meaning it is left as it was – wooded. Our house is a corner lot -- so the wooded, natural area is near the street. I have signs up out there proclaiming it is a certified natural habitat from the National Wildlife Federation. Let's say about a golf club length from one of these signs – I find other "signs." These other signs tell me that the couple is up to their old tricks – an d picking up is not part of their bag of tricks. In fact, they never bring a bag along – know what I mean. All of this just happens to be right about where I want to stand and place my tripod to photograph one of the cherry trees. Also, in a few weeks – a native rose will be blooming in nearly the same spot. I want to be able to place my tripod there without having to look out for – well you know. My idea is to find one of those little signs showing a dog in action with the red circle and the line through it – and write their name on the sign with a big Sharpie! Well – nothing quite so graphic – but I think I am going to buy a "Don't walk dogs here" sign. (And I am so tempted to write their last name on it.) OK – enough about that – but any suggestions are very welcome… And believe me, from past experience, talking to them is not an option.

After I took a few photos of the cherry blossoms, I spotted some tent caterpillars on a tree branch. I took a few photos of them – regular and macro – all with my Lensbaby. The macro shot of the caterpillars is very nice (if I say so myself). The sharpness is barely there – but you can see the little hairs of the caterpillars. There is one dark thing (piece of bark?) that is in the middle of the shot – I think I need to remove that with Elements. These photos I really liked – better than the cherry blossoms. Then I was walking near the pine branches at the edge of the woods. I took pho tos of the pine branch tips. I really liked these too. So since I needed four photos two from each subject for this assignment – I chose the caterpillars and the pine branches. Maybe I will use the cherry blossoms for the assignment next week.

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