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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Ladle

It is funny how you can look at an object and all of a sudden want to take way too many photos of it -- searching for that photo that makes you happy.

I have this old ladle -- it came from my grandmother's house.  I remember this ladle being used quite a bit.  To someone else it may be plain and uninteresting.  For me -- it is an image of memories.  I spent quite a while taking photos of it yesterday.  I was working with depth of field.  All along I planned to go black and white with this series of photos.  Months ago, I took a series of photos similar to this of a fork and scissors -- all converted to black and white.  I loved those and want to do more.  The ladle was one of the first subjects to pop into my mind.  There is a butter knife next in line -- but it needs a little cleaning first; oh and that little pickle fork too!

Now, this ladle is in need of a little cleaning -- but I found the bit of tarnish to give it a little character.  The photos are all interesting.  I am happy with the way most turned out.  I liked the light play off of the bowl of the ladle.  

The photo on the blog is my favorite of the bunch.  I really like this composition and the depth of field.  This is a conversion to black and white using Silver Efex -- it is slightly toned.  This photo was taken with my Tamron 18-250mm zoom.  I had the camera on the tripod and zoomed in to get the frame filled the way I wanted -- nothing is cropped.  The aperture was set at f/6.3 and the shutter speed was 1/8 second.

I am very pleased with this photo and I plan to print it larger -- on a sheet of the Ilford Art Photo Paper.  



Andy Richards said...

I like this image, Donna. It fits my existential "less is more" view of photography (my wife will confirm that I do not hold that view of life -- at least when it comes to my toys and creature comforts). But I have always had a "close in" KISS style to my own images. I have been trying to decide whether I like the top and right edge of the frame, or not. It does create some tension in the photograph, which is an element of interest. What do you think?

Donna said...

I like the top and right edge -- the fact that it cuts off part of the ladle was the look I liked the best when I went through my many I took. Some photos included the whole piece -- or at least the whole bowl of the ladle. The images I found most intriguing were the ones with the edge of the frame cutting through the ladle.

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