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Saturday, May 16, 2009


OK -- at this point we have figured out the coonhound is a pointer (maybe?).  The ears were bothering me -- they did not look like the ears of a coonhound.  The coloring was perfect for the coonhound -- but not the ears (or really the face).

Some how, and I can't remember how, we found a photo, or two, or a hundred of pointers on the internet.  (The internet is such an excellent resource!)  Some of these pointers -- up for sale for hundreds and more ($6500 for a bird dog!) -- look just like Sadie.  And I realize that the cost of the dog is more for the training the dog has already been through.  But still...

Sadie is so good -- she appears to be housebroken.  We are thinking she is about 8 months old.  Her disposition is unbelievable for a dog who has spent the past month at the pound.  She is friendly to everyone.

Now a brief public service announcement -- there are many wonderful dogs out there at local pounds and shelters waiting for someone to give them a nice home.  Sadie and her brother were found as strays on April 16.  She came home to live with us on May 13.  She may be a little on the large side when full grown but she is a great dog.  The cost to adopt a dog from the Henry County Animal Shelter is $85.  This fee includes a spay and rabies shot certificate.  The people at the shelter are very nice.  A vet hospital in the county where we adopted her has already taken care of Sadie's spaying and shots.  

It is very soon after Rosebud.  I really missed having a dog in the house.  It seemed too quiet and I like a dog to greet me when I come home.  Rosebud's passing was not a surprise.  We found out about her illness last September.  Thinking back on it now, I think we kept her around a little bit longer than we should have.  The last couple months, she was not really happy and we had to practically do everything for her.   Once I looked on the Petfinder website for dogs/puppies at local shelters and saw Sadie -- I had to go get her.  She had such a cute face.  Note to anyone -- don't start looking unless you are ready to go pick one up.  You will see one you have to have.

I took this photo of Sadie with my wonderful 50mm lens.  The stats are 1/250, f/1.8, ISO 400.  The ISO is a little higher than I usually like to set it -- but that was due to a little lower light and I was hand holding.  I really love the way the color of the flooring matched the dog!  (of course I planned it that way)  Right now Sadie is snoozing on a fluffy bed and dreaming of what is for dinner.  



Vagabonde said...

This is a very nice picture. We adopted a 2 year old cat, Cody, at the Cobb Humane Center and he is so bright and sweet. He has different ways to vocalize. I tried to take a good picture of him, but he moves a lot, so I am still trying. I also noted that the meeting is on Monday.

Donna said...

I have a hard time getting a good photo of the cat. Mine is also a rescue. She has very pretty eyes and it is hard to get a good photo of them. I have one on my Flickr page from a few days ago that I like. I took her on the deck (good light) and used the 50mm lens for something extra fast to help reduce the chance of blur.

greg blair said...

that"s a pretty dog. i like her name too. we have a dog who is trying to chew her tail off, perhaps i would consider trading you. hmmm. better not.

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