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Friday, May 29, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Since I have been featuring photos from my side of the family the past few weeks -- today I dip into the smaller stash of photos from my husband's family. This is one of my favorite photos. This is my mother in law's army nursing unit.  My mother in law was a nurse during World War II on board the ocean liner the Queen Mary (it was converted into a hospital during the war).   In this photo she is in the third row from the front and is the fourth person in from the left.  

One day when we were visiting her, she got out her photo album.  This is a photo from the photo; it is not a scan. The original photo was not true black and white, it had yellowed a little with age.  I used Silver Efex to convert the photo to true black and white and to slightly adjust the contrast.  We have another photo very similar to this -- but the nurses are in their fatigues.  

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VISION Philms - Contemporary Photography, Vintage Films, Rare Music said...

clearly i dig the vintage photo thing. it's something about them. they never disappoint...i wonder if they'll be saying the same thing about our photos 30 years from now?

fusion of contemporary photography with vintage film and rare music...donna?

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