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Friday, January 1, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

Happy 2010! New Year's Day and vintage photo Friday are the same.

The photo I chose to start off the year is of my Uncle John. I am not sure exactly when this was taken or where. I like the photo of him. His expression and the way he is standing really looks like him. That may sound odd -- but you know how some people never really look like themselves in a photo? Well, this is my Uncle John -- much younger and thinner than I ever remember him.

I like the background too. Barely visible on the window behind him it says "air cooled." When air conditioning was a real selling point -- to just get people in the door. The woman walking is interesting to me too. I like to look at her shoe and wonder what is the place she is entering -- a department store? a theater?

And look at the photographer! Love the camera around his neck. When I zoom in on the photo -- his mouth is wide open. Is he yelling? I don't think so -- his body language suggests perhaps it is just a yawn.


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