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Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have been thinking about writing about editing for a while now; ever since the 365 project started. In the past I have posted blogs about editing your work and how themes help your focus and hone your work. Editing not as in photo editing with software -- but editing as in culling and composing a body of work.

Think of the word 'cull.' The definition I find says,
"to choose, select, pick; to gather the choice things; to collect, gather, pluck."

Gather the choice things. -- I like this.

Taking a photo a day can be a challenge. Coming up with something good daily is not that easy. I know some of mine so far have been so-so. (I do have a few that I think are pretty darn good too.) There are also those days when I come up with more than one that is really good. How do you choose the 'one' for the day?

Learning and practicing to take a great photo is one thing. Learning to choose and select the one to show is another. Many people ask me about what to do with their photography. They want to know how to show, how to approach a gallery or what to sell. Before you can do that -- you first need to learn to select your best. Show your best work. I always think that I am only as good as my worst photo. Lately I am not overly pleased with my 365 work. It is good -- but I know I can do better.


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