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Friday, March 26, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

The photo below is a picture of my great grandfather.  This photo was taken around 1910 (my best guess) making him about 20 years old.  This first shot is right out of the camera; specs, scratches and all.

After spending between 10 and 15 minutes using only the healing brush in Photoshop Elements -- most of the specs and scratches are gone.  The sepia tone remains, showing the age of this black and white image.

Converting the image to true black and white using Silver Efex Pro -- only adjusting contrast and brightness and it looks terrific to me.  Not bad for a photo about 100 years old.


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Vagabonde said...

I like your treatment of your great grandfather‘s picture. I took the Photoshop Element class sponsored by the Cobb Photo Club. The other people attending knew a lot more about photography and it was a bit hard for me to follow. Since then we traveled to Florida and Texas and I have not been back to it. I need to because we found my old photo albums with pictures from my childhood and my family. I posted one in my current post, but I did nothing to it. I am not sure what I could have done to it really. I read your post about captive animals. I did a post about a wildlife sanctuary and another on Lion Country Safari, both in West Palm Beach – not sure if they could be called “captive” animals but I guess so. One blog I like to visit is called Motswari Private Game Reserve. The guys posting are no photographers but the subjects – the wild animals – as so good that I really like their pictures. They have some pictures of white lions and baby leopards that are great, here is the link, look also at the pictures of the last ranger during the month of December.

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