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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sams Lake Sanctuary

I have written about Sams Lake before.  This is one of the properties in Fayette County maintained by Southern Conservation Trust and part of the site specific category in Nature Undisturbed.  

Last night as I was out walking Sadie, I was noticing how it was staying bright longer (thanks daylight savings time).  And I noticed the sky looked pretty good; there are good sky evenings and not so good sky evenings. As soon as I finished the walked, I grabbed a camera, tripod, and headed over to the lake.  Driving into the parking area I saw the setting sun on the trees on the far side of the water.  The color was awesome and I knew it would not last.  I got out and headed in that direction first -- ignoring some of the great cloud reflections in the water.  After I took a bunch of photos of the trees and their brilliant reflection in the water -- then I could spend a little time with the clouds.

This is my favorite cloud photo of the evening.  At first the trees reflecting in the upper corner bothered me -- but I kind of like them now.  This photo makes me think of Van Gogh's Starry Night.  I admit to tossing pebbles into the water to try to get some good ripples going.  This photo shows the ripples that were 'not enhanced.'

As I was leaving the lake to head back home I saw the evening sky and this tree. Standing by the car, already having packed up the tripod, I shot several photos of the tree with the beautiful background.  I took some in sharp focus and some out of focus completely.  It seems the complete out of focus shot is becoming popular.  I kind of like it -- but then I don't.  So here is my silhouette tree; in focus.

All three of these photos were processed with Nik Color Efex using the cross processing filter.  Cross processing is a technique for film developing that was popular in the 1980's and into the 1990's.  It was achieved by processing color print film in the chemicals intended for a different type of film.  Color Efex has a filter that gives you a variety of looks -- as if you developed film in many different chemicals.  Sometimes it really does not effect the look much -- except to enhance the colors -- other times it can make the photo have a tint of gold or green.  There is a black and white photo from last night on the 365 blog.


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