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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ok -- so imagine my disappointment that nothing I submitted to the jurors for the 2010 SlowExposures exhibit made the cut.  In reality, the disappointment lasted a few minutes -- then I remembered all that I had going on and that well, when you submit work for a juried show -- it can be a crap shoot.  When I show gets are many entries as Slow gets -- it is hard.  I know from directing Nature Undisturbed that many good images don't make it into a show because there just is not space.

Also -- a little cherry on my sundae lately is being included in the Southern Memories: Part One exhibit curated by John Bennette.  I have three pieces in this show.  There are many great photographers in the collection.  I simply cannot wait to see them all together.  Many of the photographers are also coming to the show.  It will be exciting to meet them.  

Months ago I received a phone call from Mr. Bennette asking about a photo I had on my website.  He wanted to have it in the exhibit.  He asked me about other photos I had -- so I sent some to him to review.  He chose another photo from that group.  So it was set -- I had two photos in this wonderful group.  Then, during another phone call, I told him about a shoot I had been on earlier that day.  I had found a wonderful little cemetery by the side of the road.  I have a plan to write a blog about the cemetery in the future.  He asked to see a photo from that group and it ended up in the show.  

I think my favorite is a photo of the interior of the old R.F. Strickland Bldg. in Concord, GA -- the site of the SlowExposures exhibit and dinner.  I took this photo the first time I was in the show.  The building has since been renovated.

I am really looking forward to the Southern Memories show opening and also SlowExposures.  I have a lot of photo friends in the show.  Other satellite shows during Slow include an exhibit of Malgosia Florkowska's photos, The Joy of Farming and Diane Kirkland has a collection on display at A Novel Experience in Zebulon.  It will be a busy two weeks!


Blayne Beacham said...

Oh, it's so beautiful!!! I cannot wait to meet you! I wrote about the Slow Exposures portfolio review on my blog today too!

Andy Richards said...

Donna: Congratulations on the Southern Memories inclusion. As far as "Slow" goes, having submitted to juried showings, and having work selected sometimes and not others, I learned that like everything in art, it is very subjective. You know the worth of your work and your talent.

Donna Rosser said...

Thanks Blayne & Andy.

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