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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why Show Your Work?

It was not that long ago that I seriously sat there thinking why?  Why do I do this?  Why be so busy?  Why have a calendar with times and places all over it?  Why do I tell my husband, "we need to go to blah blah blah this weekend?"  Why agree to teach classes and attend meetings?  Why not just take pictures that I like, print them and hang them on my walls without all the other stuff?

I don't know why. 

Well....that is not completely true.  I do think I know why.  

I love it as much as I love taking photos.  It is fun to show work -- get feedback -- see others' work -- meet people -- the whole thing.

As I mentioned in the last blog I am having a time issue.  It is becoming evident that I have things going on in many directions.  I need to decide what I like to do best -- go in that direction and perhaps skip others.  The past few weeks I have skipped having a 'From the Barefoot Files' post to the blog.  In fact the blog is not getting the attention (from me) that I feel it deserves.  I love blogging -- so I am going to work hard to get more up in the coming weeks.  There are many blogs in my head -- things have happened, experiences, events, etc. that needs to be blogged about.

So to catch up on a couple things -- this Saturday night there is an anniversary party at Dogwood Gallery and Framer.  I love Greg and Jennifer -- they are fun people and have an excellent gallery.  Can't wait for the party!  And yes, I delivered a few new things to the gallery this morning.  November 6, at A Novel Experience in Zebulon is the reception for Picture Purr-fect, a juried photography exhibit showcasing cat photos.  I have two photos in this event and so does my son!   
My mother's cat Rora, this photo will be in Picture Purr-fect
I promise coming in the next few blogs I will write about working with John Bennette on the Southern Memories show last month -- what an experience!  (all good)  Of course, there was the portfolio review during SlowExposures -- a nice blog topic.   Not to forget -- we brought another dog into the house late in summer -- and this is a bit of a job.  Iris was an adult dog from a shelter -- beautiful dog -- but she does have her challenges.  She needs a little extra care -- in getting the housebreaking habit (which I think she has!) and learning to trust all the people around her.  Iris definitely shows signs of abuse.  But she and Sadie get along like long lost sisters -- that is a good thing!

So back to the questions -- why show your work?        Because you can!

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