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Saturday, October 2, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

OK -- I meant to post this yesterday -- but I have had blog issues.  Finally this morning I think I have things back in good working order...

The old photo today is a not-so-old photo.  This is my son.  With the exception of the photo actually have a date stamp on it -- you really would not be able to date this photo (without also knowing the subject).  This shows how black and white can keep a photo timeless.  Also clothing choice in a photo adds to the timeless quality.  At some point I am sure the classic Izod will be very dated -- but not yet.  This photo is close to 20 years old.  The shirt he is wearing is white -- but had it been a color -- the use of black and white would keep the color trend of the day from dating the photo.

The background is not distracting -- just simple pattern of daylily plants.  This, too, even in color would not be an issue.  Sometimes your background would give away more than the subject matter.  Many times when people are taking photographs of people they are so busy setting up the subject and making sure the person (or people) look good that they forget to check the background.  When I took this photo of my son, I put him in front of these plants in order to have a simple, pleasing, non competing background.  The only other thing here I think I could have done -- but was not necessary -- would be to make my depth of field more shallow to blur out the plants.  If you have a background that is less than ideal -- that is your option -- open the aperture (f stop) to a wider setting -- lower number -- and keep sharp focus on your subject while the background fades by being blurred.

And just to show how old the photo above is -- here is a photo from last year.....

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