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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Selfie

A few weeks ago I saw a notice on the internet from LENSCRATCH about a call for self portrait photos.  So I thought -- I guess I have something -- and I sent in one.  The photo I sent was one that has been on my other blog.  It is the latest I have.  But this call for work started something -- I began to look through other "selfies" I have on file and found a few that had I noticed them earlier -- they may have gone to Aline for the blog rather than the one I sent.

This one (above) is from the Peachtree Road Race last July 4.  My husband is in front of me and the kids are walking beside us.  This photo is a favorite of mine.  The Peachtree was fun and taking photos the whole way was a fun thing to do -- plus the weather was great!

I like this one because you have to look to find me.  I did keep the reflection in color and the rest in black and white to direct your eye.  This is at A Novel Experience in Zebulon, Georgia.  The owners of the book store have mirrors around so there is a lot of interesting photos to be had -- like this next one too.

I haven't met many reflections that I did not like.  Out shooting one morning in Newnan I saw myself in the window and took this shot.

Then -- besides windows -- reflections are great on shiny things -- and you know I love something shiny....


Ravynword said...

Nice Job! What creative ways of capturing yourself digitally! I may have to try these ideas--I am always behind the camera and never, in front of it unless it is the very rare occasion that I let my hubby take a picture of me. Hoorah!

Donna Rosser said...

Thanks! go find a nice window and shoot :)

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