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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Tale of Two Complaints

A little over a month ago we found a half-inch plastic shard in a small, individual ice cream cup.  Thinking, where there is one shard there are others, I contacted the company to let them know about this.  The shard was very sharp and I know these cups are used a lot at kids' parties.  They wasted no time picking it up and any other ice cream that we had from that lot.  Also, the person who came to my house to pick it up gave me a coupon for a free pack of ice cream.  I heard back from the company a couple weeks later.  It seems there was no way for the plastic shard to get into the ice cream at their factory and, in a round about way, they were saying that we did it!  I have news for Blue Bell -- I have no clear plastic spoons in my house -- so unless someone opened the bag of cups at Publix and shoved it in there --  that piece came from your factory.

A few days after this, I was cooking dinner and went to open a new jar of julienne sun dried tomatoes for a pasta dish.  The top did not make a sound when I twisted it and the contents looked a little dark on top and smelled funky.  I don't know if you buy these or not -- but a jar of the tomatoes is not inexpensive and I love them.  So I contacted this company -- they have an easy to find online contact form.  A couple days later I received an email asking me for information from the jar lid -- which I had saved.  They also wanted my address to send me a coupon to replace the jar I had to toss.

Last Friday I received a big surprise -- a goody box from California Sun Dry Foods! They sent a box with a variety of their sun dried tomato products, a coupon, and a check!  Wow -- that is what I call customer service.  

I love it when a company really knows how to handle something like this.  In my opinion California Sun Dry Foods went way over board and I completely appreciate it.  When a company does something like this -- I love to tell everyone about it.  They have guaranteed that I will be a happy customer.

The other company in this blog -- well -- I am thinking of sending them a letter and returning their coupon -- I am not going to use it.  I find the lack of accepting responsibility and going so far as to say it could not have occurred at their site a bit troubling...

...and I had the best sun dried tomato pesto on a burger yesterday -- yum!

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