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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Sadie

It is hot and humid outside.  Right now Sadie is sleeping in the house -- in the air conditioning and completely relaxed.  She is far from the county shelter.  She has been living with us for a little over two years now.  And she is an awesome photography subject.  I took this photo a few days ago.  This old green quilt has become the 'dog quilt.'  Sadie and Iris snooze on it during the day.  There is another photo of Sadie that is in a show opening Friday -- the Atlanta Photography Group show.  It is like this one -- now showing her head.  I kind of like it.  

Since Sadie came to live with us and I have been taking photos of her -- she has been in 7 photography shows, 4 newspapers, 3 magazines, and 1 book.  Not too bad for a little pound puppy.  I started thinking about this when I saw a tweet this afternoon about another actor from Drop Dead Diva adopting a dog at the Atlanta Humane Society.  

There are so many wonderful dogs out there in shelters and rescue groups that need a home.  This summer if you are thinking about a new dog (or cat) -- check the shelters.  We brought Sadie home at about 6 months -- so no real having to deal with a puppy.  When we brought Iris home we think she was about 2 -- so again no puppy issues and she was about the same age as Sadie.  They get along well and have fun together.

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