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Monday, June 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Last Saturday I (along with 7 photo club friends) participated in a photography scavenger hunt at the Serenbe Photography Center.  It was a fun!  We have monthly themes at our group -- and this hunt was the equivalent of receiving 6 themes at once and having 4 hours to shoot and edit your entries.  Each of our teams from our club had 4 members -- so we were going to have to look through photos from 4 people and pick one for each category to submit.

It was a lot to do.  We split up -- shot and as we finished the list -- returned to the start stop to edit.  

This concept is something I have thought about as a club activity -- say around your home in one day shoot a list of things, or on a field trip have a list of objects/themes to look for as you shoot.

The photo on the blog today is not one for a theme -- just one I shot for fun that day.  I like the shape of these chairs.  They are in a courtyard filled with pea gravel.  In the bright sun; it is easy to get very contrasty with these shots.

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